Monday, October 10, 2011

Michael Jackson's Legacy May Be Harmed by Murray Trial Revelations

Michael Jackson's legacy could be impacted by revelations that are emanating from the manslaughter trial of Jackson's physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.

Evidence presented at trial indicates that during the last few weeks of his life the pop icon was at times so drug laden he was unable to communicate, would sometimes miss scheduled rehearsals, and may have shared his bed with a toy doll.

In one of the trial’s dramatic moments, an audio recording was played for jurors of Jackson slurring his words so severely as to be incomprehensible. According to the prosecution, Murray had recorded the singer after he had been given a drug to induce sleep.

An image was shown to the jury that depicted a doll lying on the same bed in which Jackson’s body was found, the story subsequently being spread throughout various media outlets. Jackson had evidently collected dolls over a period of time, which he kept at his Neverland Ranch.

The King of Pop also purportedly had pictures of babies on display in his bedroom, as depicted in photos that were used in the trial.

Prior to his death Jackson had been preparing for an extensive comeback tour, which was supposed to begin in London, England. However, he had been uncharacteristically absent from a number of his own Los Angeles run-throughs. Tour director Kenny Ortega told the jury that in one instance the singer was too weak to rehearse and that he believed that Jackson was in need of psychological help.

In an indication that trial revelations may be taking their toll on Jackson’s image, a recent tribute concert in Cardiff, Wales suffered from unexpectedly slow ticket sales, although the "Michael Forever" concert still ended up selling out.

It is accurate that at the time of his death Jackson was heavily in debt, but since his passing the Jackson estate has reportedly brought in $310 million.

No doubt public perception of the pop singer will continue to have great significance for the Jackson family.

-James Hirsen 

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